A Fast Parallel Algorithm for Special Linear Systems of Equations using Processor Arrays with Reconfigurable Bus Systems

Technical Report B-2-99
January 29, 1999

Rajeev Wankar
Elfriede Fehr

Freie UniversitŠät Berlin
Institut fźür Informatik
* School of Computer Science, DAVV Indore, India


A parallel algorithm using Processor Arrays with Reconfigurable Bus Systems has been designed to solve dense Symmetric Positive Definite (SPD) systems of equations Ax = b. The key content of this report is the parallelisation of the algorithm by Delosme & Ipson . In order to design a parallel algorithm for PARBS, many procedures involved in the algorithm of Delosme & Ipson are handled in a slightly different way. The parallel time and processor's complexity of each step of the algorithm is calculated. The parallel time complexity is O(n) using 2n X 2n X 5n number of Processing Elements.

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