Towards Corporate Semantic Web:
Requirements and Use Cases

Gökhan Coskun, Ralf Heese, Markus Luczak-Rösch, Radoslaw Oldakowski, Ralph Schäfermeier and Olga Streibel
Freie Universität Berlin
Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
Königin-Luise-Straße 24-26, 14195 Berlin, Germany
{coskun, heese, luczak, oldakowski, schaef, streibel}

Technical Report B 08-09
August 2008

Abstract In this report, we introduce our initial vision of the Corporate Semantic Web as the next step in the broad field of Semantic Web research. We identify requirements of the corporate environment and gaps between current approaches to tackle problems facing ontology engineering, semantic collaboration, and semantic search. Each of these pillars will yield innovative methods and tools during the pro ject runtime until 2013. Corporate ontology engineering will improve the facilitation of agile ontology engineering to lessen the costs of ontology development and, especially, maintenance. Corporate semantic collaboration focuses the human-centered aspects of knowledge management in corporate contexts. Corporate semantic search is settled on the highest application level of the three research areas and at that point it is a representative for applications working on and with the appropriately represented and delivered background knowledge. We propose an initial layout for an integrative architecture of a Corporate Semantic Web provided by this three core pillars.

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