Reasoning Paradigms for SWRL-enabled Ontologies

Elena Paslaru Bontas
Institut für Informatik
Freie Universität Berlin
Takustr. 9, D-14195 Berlin

Jing Mei
Department of Computer Science
Peking University
Beijing 100871

Report B 05-01
March 2005


Abstract The significance of rules and rule-based representation languages is well accepted for the dissemination of the emerging Semantic Web. In this context SWRL (Semantic Web Rule Language) being a W3C proposal due to May 2004 has drawn considerable attention. However, from the first version of SWRL, it has been pointed out, that an OWL knowledge base extended with rules is undecidable, although both components are decidable. In this report, we first present an account of the trade-offs and design decisions behind several available reasoners newly used for SWRL inferencing. Further on we propose and compare two possible directions and the corresponding prototypical systems which cope with the mentioned problem by combining SWRL knowledge sources with Jess and Sesame respectively.

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