Technical Reports 1994

  • Pavel Valtr:
    Probability that n random points are in convex position (B 94-01)
  • S. Felsner, R. Müller, L. Wernisch:
    Trapezoid Graphs and Generalizations, Geometry and Algorithms (B 94-02)
  • J. Nesetril, P. Valtr:
    A Ramsey-type theorem in the plane (B 94-03)
  • M. Klazar, P. Valtr:
    Generalized Davenport-Schinzel Sequences (B 94-04)
  • Pavel Valtr:
    On Mutually Avoiding Sets (B 94-05)
  • H. Edelsbrunner, P. Valtr, E. Welzl:
    Cutting Dense Point Sets in Half (B 94-06)
  • Heiko Dörr:
    An Abstract Machine for the Execution of Graph Grammars (B-94-07)
  • Heiko Dörr:
    Bypass Strong V-Structures and Find an Isomorphic Labelled Subgraph in Linear Time (B-94-08)
  • M. Dickerson, S. Drysdale, S. McElfresh, E. Welzl:
    Fast Greedy Triangulation Algorithms (B-94-09)
  • E. Welzl, B. Wolfers:
    Surface Reconstruction between Simple Polygons via Angle Criteria (B-94-11)
  • M. Stoer, F. Wagner:
    A Simple Min Cut Algorithm (B-94-12)
  • B. Gärtner, G. Ziegler:
    Randomized Simplex Algorithms on Klee-Minty cubes (B-94-13)
  • Y. B. Pnueli:
    Digital Image Compression -- A Brief Overview (B-94-14)
  • T. Thiele:
    Point Sets with Distinct Distances (B-94-16)
  • Y. B. Pnueli, J. A. Makowski:
    More on Oracles and Quantifiers (B-94-17)
  • O. Aichholzer, H. Alt, G. Rote:
    Matching Shapes with a Reference Point (B-94-18)
  • Y. B. Pnueli, J. A. Makowski:
    Oracles and First Order Lindström Quantifiers -- A correction to TR # B 94-17 (B-94-19)
  • S. Felsner:
    On-Line Chain Partitions of Orders (B-94-21)
  • Frank Hoffmann:
    The Art Gallery Theorem for Rectilinear Polygons (B-94-22)