Technical Reports 1993

  • Pavel Valtr, Paul Erdös, Zsolt Tuza:
    Ramsey Remainder (B 93-01)
  • B. Gärtner:
    A Subexponential Algorithm for Abstract Optimization Problems (B 93-05)
  • B. Gärtner, E. Welzl:
    Vapnik-Chervonenkis Dimension and (Pseudo-)Hyperplane Arrangements (B 93-07)
  • F. Hoffmann, K. Kriegel:
    A Graph Coloring Result and Its Consequences For Polygon Guarding Problems (B 93-08)
  • J. Matousek: Geometric Range Searching (B 93-09)
  • H. Alt, B. Behrends, J. Blömer:
    Approximate Matching of Polygonal Shapes (B 93-10)
  • J. Blömer:
    Computing Sums of Radicals (B 93-13)
  • J. Blömer:
    On Kummer Theory and the Number of Roots of Unity in Radical Extesions of Q (B 93-14)
  • H. Alt, L. Knipping, G. Weber:
    An Application of Point Pattern Matching in Astronautics (B 93-16)
  • E. Györi, F. Hoffmann, K. Kriegel, T. Shermer:
    Generalized Guarding and Partitioning for Rectilinear Polygons (B 93-17)
  • Frank Wagner:
    Approximate Map Labeling is in $\Omega(n\log n)$ (B 93-18)