Technical Reports 1992

  • P. Valtr:
    On the Minimum Number of Empty Polygons in Planar Point Sets (B 92-01)
  • E. Welzl:
    On Spanning Trees with Low Crossing Number (B 92-02)
  • M. Formann:
    Weighted Closest Pairs (B 92-04)
  • J. Matousek:
    On Vertical Ray Shooting in Arrangements (B 92-06)
  • M. Sarrafzadeh, D. Wagner, F. Wagner, K. Weihe:
    Wiring Knock-Knee Layouts - A Global Approach (B 92-07)
  • F. Aurenhammer, F. Hoffmann, B. Aronov:
    Minkowski-Type Theorems and Least-Squares Partitioning (B 92-09)
  • H. Baumgarten, H. Jung, K. Mehlhorn:
    Dynamic Point Location in General Subdivisions (B 92-10)
  • P. Valtr:
    Unit Squares Intersecting All Secants of a Square (B 92-11)
  • J. Matousek, J. Pach, M. Sharir, S. Sifrony, E. Welzl:
    Fat Triangles Determine Linearly Many Holes (B 92-13)
  • J. Matousek:
    Lower Bounds for a Subexponential Optimization Algorithm (B 92-15)
  • J. Matousek, M. Sharir, E. Welzl:
    A Subexponential Bound for Linear Programming (B 92-17)
  • B. Chazelle, J. Matousek:
    On Linear-Time Deterministic Algorithm for Optimization Problems in Fixed Dimension (B 92-18)
  • C.-Y. Lo, J. Matousek, W. Steiger:
    Algorithms for Ham-Sandwich Cuts (B 92-20)
  • E. Ihler, D. Wagner, F. Wagner:
    Modeling Hypergraphs by Graphs with the same Mincut Properties (B 92-22)
  • S. Felsner, L. Wernisch:
    Maximum $k$-Chains in Planar Point Sets: Combinatorial Structure and Algorithms (B 92-27)