Technical Reports 2006

Elena Paslaru Bontas, Malgorzata Mochol

Ontology Engineering Cost Estimation with ONTOCOM (B 06-01)


Lutz Prechelt, Sebastian Jekutsch, Philip Johnson

Actual Process: A Research Program  (B 06-02)


Marco Block, Felix von Hundelshausen, Marte Ramirez Ortegon, Cueneyt Goektekin, Oliver Tenchio, Raul Rojas

Aktueller Stand des Forschungsprojekts Saccadic (i)  (B 06-03)


Ernesto Tapia, Raul Rojas

A Neural Architecture for Blind Source Separation (B-06-04)


Benjamin Jankovic, Gerald Friedland, Raul Rojas

Experiments on Using MPEG-4 for Broadcasting Electronic Chalkboard Lectures  (B 06-05)


Gerald Friedland, Kristian Jantz, Tobias Lenz, Raul Rojas

Extending the SIOX Algorithm: Alternative Clustering Methods, Sub-pixel Accurate Object  Extraction from Still Images, and Generic Video Segmentation  (B 06-06)


Neven Santrac, Gerald Friedland, Raul Rojas

High Resolution Segmentation with a Time-of-Flight 3D-Camera using the Example of a Lecture Scene  (B 06-09)


Lutz Prechelt

Plat_Forms a contest: The Web-development platform comparison (B 06-11)