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Vortrag des Informatik-Kolloquiums

A step towards transparent distributed concurrent object-oriented programming in clusters.

Dr. M. Philippsen, Karlsruhe

Although more than a hundred Concurrent Object-Oriented Languages (COOLs) have been introduced in the past, only slightly more than a third of them are targeted towards distributed environments. This is due to the fact that distributed environments do not only increase the amount of work language developers face when writing compilers and run-time systems but it is caused by the fact that object and process locality becomes the crucial performance issue that can no longer be ignored.

A major goal of our group in Karlsruhe is to contribute locality optimization techniques for COOLs. The first significant step in this direction has been done: We have a COOL and can compile it for heterogeneous networks of all relevant types of PCs and workstations.

The talk presents the results of the first step:

JavaParty is the platform for future work: The run-time system will be optimized based on forthcoming benchmark results. Locality optimization mechanisms will be studied.

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