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Noon Seminar

Noon Seminar takes place weekly on Tuesday and Thursday at noon in Room SR055 in Takustr. 9.

Topics are anounced via e-Mail to subscribers of the noon seminar list.


The work group Theoretical Computer Science consists of about 20 people including faculty, PhD students, scientific guests, and student researchers. Its main research area are algorithms, in particular computational geometry, with an emphasis on the analysis and the comparison of patterns and shapes with geometric methods. In addition, various other topics from computational geometry and algorithms in general are investigated.

Several projects of the group are externally funded by the DFG (german science foundation) and the European Union, among them the graduate program Methods for Discrete Structures and scholarships for foreign PhD students within the European Marie-Curie program.

Some projects in cooperation with industrial partners are concerned with applications of the algorithms developped in theory. Most of them are within the area of medicine, in particular, point pattern matching applied to gel-electrophoresis (method for finding proteins contained in a probe of tissue) and the geometric analysis of X-ray or CT images for computer aided navigation during brain or spinal column surgery.

In teaching the group offers, apart from the topics mentioned before, others within theoretical computer science, for example, complexity theory, combinatorics, or computability theory. Furthermore, courses are offered within areas of practical or applied computer science that have a geometric component, such as computer graphics, pattern recognition or computer vision.

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