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Spring 2005: Enumerative Combinatorics Program

The European Graduate Program Combinatorics, Geometry, and Computation offers a Spring School on

Enumerative Combinatorics

June 1 to June 4, 2005

in Netzeband, a little town one hour northwest of Berlin. The school begins Wednesday June 1 in the morning and ends Saturday June 4 in the afternoon. There will be a bus transfer on Wednesday morning from Berlin to Netzeband, where the schools starts after lunch.

The school is addressed to advanced undergraduate and graduate students of Mathematics or Computer Science who are interested in Enumerative Combinatorics and related areas. Basic knowledge in discrete mathematics is assumed. Students of other fields are welcome to apply if they have this prerequisite knowledge.

The program will be presented by the following lecturers:

Martin Aigner   (FU Berlin):   Lattice Paths and Determinants
Martin Loebl   (Charles University Prague):   Discrete Tools in the Theory of the Ising Problem
Marc Noy   (Univ. Politécnica de Catalunya) :   Enumerative combinatorics: a symbolic and analytic approach
Richard Stanley   (Massachusetts Institute of Technology):   An introduction to the RSK algorithm

In addition to the lectures, exercises will be solved in small groups with solution sessions in the evenings.

The Spring School will take place in Netzeband, 70 km northwest of Berlin.

Die Märkischen Höfe
Dorfstraße 7 und 11
D-16818 Netzeband
Phone: (+49) (0)33924 8980
Fax: (+49) (0)33924 89860

There will be an organized bus transfer from Berlin to the conference site and back:
Berlin --> Netzeband: June 1 at 9:30 departs at corner Takustr./Arnimallee
Netzeband --> Berlin: June 4 at 13:30 departs at conference site
To get to the place of departure of the bus from Berlin to Netzeband it is the best to take the subway (U-Bahn) to the station "U Dahlem Dorf". From there it is only a short walk (5 minutes) to the corner Takustr./Arnimallee.

The costs per participant are EURO 75,00 and include full board during the Spring School. The number of participants is limited to about 30.

Please use one the following application forms to apply.

Application form (PDF)
Application form (ASCII)

Application forms with a short curriculum vitae (including scientific background) and a short letter of recommendation of a university faculty member should be sent no later than April 15, 2005 to:

Prof. Martin Aigner
Institut für Mathematik
Freie Universität Berlin
Arnimallee 3
D-14195 Berlin

email: aigner@math.fu-berlin.de
Tel.: +49 - 30 - 838-75443 office
FAX: +49 - 30 - 838-75192

Further information can also be obtained from:
Andrea Hoffkamp:   phone    ++49-30-838 75 104  /  e-mail:   hoffkamp@math.fu-berlin.de

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