Presentation of Ecopay on events

EAAE (The European Association of Agricultural Economists) 133rd Seminar
"Developing Integrated and Reliable Modeling Tools for Agricultural and Environmental Policy Analysis", June 15-16, Chania, Greece.

International Workshop "Mechanism Design and the Environment" at the Royal Society of Edinburgh
Designing cost-effective payment schemes for grassland conservation measures, May 8-9, 2013, Edinburgh, Scotland.

Research Seminar, Department of Ecology, Lund University
An ecological-economic modelling procedure to design effective and cost-effective payments to conserve grassland species in the German federal state of Saxony, Mai 2013, Lund.

Annual Conference of the British Ecological Society
Incentivising biodiversity conservation on farmland, December 17-20, Birmingham, UK.

Annual BIOECON conference
Towards a new class of ecological-economic models for more cost-effective agri-environment schemes for biodiversity conservation - the example of an adaptive modeling procedure for designing grassland conservation programs, September 18-20, 2012, Cambridge, UK.

3rd European Congress of Conservation Biology (ECCB)
Integrating economic and ecological knowledge for software-based decision support for cost-effective biodiversity conservation in grassland, 28 August - 1 September, Glasgow, Schottland.

97th Annual Meeting of the Ecological Society of America (ESA conference)
Modelling the impact of timing of land use on biodiversity conservation for the decision support software 'Ecopay', August 5-10, 2012, Portland, Oregon.

ISEE2012 Conference - Ecological Economics and Rio+20
Challenges and Contributions for a Green Economy, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, June 16th through 19th, 2012.

Woche der Umwelt
Ecopay Ecopay was presented at the exhibition "Woche der Umwelt" (5 and 6 June 2012) located at the Schlosspark Bellevue, the residence of the German president. There were more than 12,000 visitors among them many high-ranking representatives from politics, business, science and society.

The German Environment Minister Altmaier and
President Gauck visiting the "Woche der Umwelt",
in the background Melanie Mewes, and Astrid Sturm
presenting at the stand with Ecopay.

Workshop IV: Landwirtschaftliche Flächen, Internationale Naturschutzakademie Insel Vilm
Der Nutzen von Ökonomie und Ökosystemleistungen für die Naturschutzpraxis, April 15-18, 2012, Insel Vilm, Germany.

TEEB Conference 2012
"Mainstreaming the Economics of Nature: Challenges for Science and Implementation", March 19-22, 2012, Leipzig, Germany


Vorstellung der Software Ecopay zur Bestimmung kosteneffizienter Ausgleichszahlungen für Artenschutzmaßnahmen im Grünland, 12.01.2012, Berlin