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Ecopay Software

You can download and install the Software Ecopay 1.0 or DSS-Ecopay 2.0 on your computer free of charge. All database files for Ecopay 1.0 can be found in You can choose one of the following three datasets: (1) dataset for the federal state of Saxony, (2) dataset for the federal state of Schleswig-Holstein and (III) dataset for both federal states. The database files for DSS-Ecopay 2.0 can be provided on request.

general description_butterflies.doc
general description birds.doc
general description grassland types.doc

Download the following two files plus one of the Ecopay.exe or DSSEcopay.exe files into the same folder. As soon as you have installed the database (see above) you can start Ecopay by a double click on Ecopay.exe or DSSEcopay.exe


software Ecopay version 1.0: Ecopay.exe
software DSS-Ecopay version 2.0: DSSEcopay.exe

Ecopay - Handbook

Here you can download the handbook to the software Ecopay (only available in German).

handbook software DSS-Ecopay version 2.0

handbook software Ecopay version 1.0

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding the software or its installation: Contact